Our Vision Is Jesus

(What we see)

We see a church that is real, fresh, and powerful, multiethnic and multigenerational, that is influencing the city of Austin for Jesus Christ!

“in Austin as it is in Heaven!”

Our Passion Is People

(What we do & Why We DO IT)

We exist to make disciples and help people onto a path of life to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference. Seeing these four areas become reality in people’s lives is what fuels our passion. That is why our mission aligns with our growth pathways. When people grow, they become all who God has called them to be.

  • KNOW GOD: Our passion is to see people encounter the presence of God. Whether at our weekend experiences, at a neighborhood dinner party, or at a coffee shop, we believe one moment in God’s presence can change our perspective and situation.

  • FIND FREEDOM: Our desire is to see people grow in their walk with God, to experience freedom, grow in our relationships, develop personal spiritual growth, and to understand that true discipleship is a life-long journey.

  • DISCOVER PURPOSE: We all have a purpose, a calling, and a “why.” We want to see people discover their gifts, understand their strengths, and see how their design reveals their purpose. We want people to be fully equipped to walk out their designed calling and influence their sphere of culture.

  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: We believe that servant leadership is the best leadership. Leaders are those who are all-in and who are vision owners. Who live out their calling and purpose by making a difference in the community, the marketplace, the local church, and being a part of Austin’s greatest dream team of world changers!