When does C3 Church Austin Launch?

September 2019

Where will C3 Austin be located?

South Austin area

How can I get involved?

1.) Pray for C3 Austin and the Launch Team

2.) Attend one of our upcoming C3 Austin Startup Parties – where we believe in good food and good fun. You’ll be able to hear the vision of the Church and the next steps. Childcare will be provided.

3.) Give to the Launch of C3 Austin

What is the C3 Global church movement?

C3 Church is a global movement of churches that was founded and started by Pastors Phil & Christine Pringle in Oxford Falls, Australia. C3 Church has over 500+ churches around the world with a vision to plant 1000 churches and locations by 2020. You can visit our page here to see the Year End overview and update of the C3 Church movement.

How did David & Liz get connected to the C3 Global Movement?

It’s actually a pretty cool story. In 2015, David was attending a pastors conference and met Pastor Jurgen Matthesuis of C3 San Diego and Regional Director of C3 Americas.  It was there that a relationship started and began to develop. A couple years later and prayerfully being led by the Holy Spirit and being advised by their pastors, the Lord was leading David & Liz to become a part of the C3 global movement and start a new life giving church, C3 Austin.

Is C3 Austin a campus?

No. C3 Church Austin will have it’s own autonomy while caring the same heart and culture of C3 movement being led and governed by its local pastoral leadership team and church board.  We will be led and guided by the lead pastors and leadership team, protected by a board of trustees, and strengthened by church overseers. We like to say, we are 1 church part of a global movement of churches.

Why launching through ARC?

ARC (Association of Related Churches) is a church planting organization that helps churches launch healthy and strong and is connected to Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL with Pastor Chris Hodges. ARC has launched over 850 churches across the US with a 93% success rate of launching new churches that are still growing and thriving today. The training, tools and resources they provide to church planters are by far the best in the nation. Other C3 Churches in Boston, Miami, Portland, NYC, and several others have worked with ARC to help strengthen their churches for greater impact and effectiveness in reaching people for Jesus! You can visit our page here to learn more about ARC churches.